Little Masterminds 

Little Masterminds is a unique Mindfulness Meditation Program that empowers children to gain control over their own emotional, mental, and 

Little Mastermindsphysical experiences. At Little Masterminds, children learn extensively about their inner world and are taught highly practical and effective coping mechanisms for dealing with everyday stressors that are prevalent in today’s society. During each class, students are guided to the present moment, where they learn the art of ‘Mastering the Mind’. From this space, they become conscious creators of their reality and gain lifelong tools to continuously improve every aspect of their lives.


Amy Rose, the founder of Little Masterminds will be offering the Little Masterminds program at the Bulli Community Centre in for 9 weeks in Term 2 (May 8th toJuly 3rd) each Tuesday from 3:30pm. 


For more information about the Little Masterminds program please contact Amy on 0499 550 780 or see the Little Masterminds website


Sublime Sound Healing - Crystal Sound Therapy

Crystal Sound Therapy is a gentle, powerful, therapeutic, healing modality.

Everything living is made up of energy and in a constant state of vibration.  Our bodies are at their peak when harmony, pure resonance and balance are present.  Your physical body can entrain with the pure resonance of the bowls as it receives a ‘tune-up’, changing low vibrations back to their natural resonant frequencies, resulting in a deep sense of relaxation and wellness.

The Benefits of Crystal Sound Therapy

  • relief of stress and anxiety
  • balanced L & R brain hemispheres
  • aligns your own natural resonant frequencies
  • improved sleeping habits
  • relief from pain & headaches
  • release of blocked energies
  • a deep meditation experience
  • a sense of deep relaxation and wellbeing

Many people have reported that they feel less anxious and less stressed between sessions. They can finally sleep well after suffering insomnia for years. Some people play Barbara’s CD using headphones as they fall asleep. They also feel an increase in energy levels.

Barbara offers regular group sound healing journeys at the Bulli Community Centre, for dates and times please see the Sublime Sound Healing website or contact Barbara on 0405 764 617

The Facilitator

Barbara Jackson is an experienced, qualified Crystal Sound Therapist. She has been involved in Reiki healing and meditation for 10 years. As a Crystal Sound Therapist (CST lV, MA, B Ed) she is available in the Illawarra, Sydney, ACT & Regional NSW to offer Crystal Sound Therapy to groups and individuals.   Barbara is also an Acutonics practitioner using tuning forks.

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